10 Tips How to Escape the Ghetto, For Teens and Foster Kids

10 Tips How to Escape the Ghetto, For Teens and Foster Kids

Comedy, yet effective for YA

1.  The ghetto is in your mind.  Changing your mind is the beginning of a whole new ballgame.  Be grateful.  It’s the key that unlocks a better future.

2.  Spend time in books, videos, movies that take your mind to different parts of the world.  Learn about the life style of others.

3.  Select a mode of transportation to financially escape your existing surroundings.  Meaning, will you become a nurse, LVN, computer programmer, home day care business or best maid service in your city,.  Determine what you are passionate about and then sit down and figure out what you need to do to make it happen.  If you need to go to school and don’t have the finances, start reading about federal loans, grants and scholarships.  Keep your goals realistic.  (It’s best to keep your goals to yourself)
4.  Stay the course. Be persistent.  Be determined.  Be smart about how you spend your time and money, and who you spend time with.
5.  Meditate or pray, or both each day.  Focus on what else you can do to help make your goals a reality.
6.  Always remember no matter what the neighborhood looks like outside of your door, it’s what inside your home that matters most.  Does your apartment represent your future or the neighborhood you are so desperately trying to escape?  Is your home clean and organized?  Is there organization within your home?  Sure a roach may pass through your kitchen, but that doesn’t mean he has to find food! Your prayers and meditation will shine through much easier inside of a clean home.
7.  Read.  Read everything you can get your hands on about the industry you have chosen to be a part of.  Turn the T.V. off for a couple hours a day and READ.
8.  Take advantage of Amazon’s free Kindle days and download free books in categories that will help you reach your goals.
9.  Regardless if you are religious or not, have faith.  As a man thinketh, so be he.  Keep reading, studying and praying, or meditating until your faith in what you want, overflows. (Faith comes easier when you prepare yourself for that which you are striving for)
10.  If it takes you ten years, no problem.  If it takes you 2 years, still no problem.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you never give-up, it becomes a matter of when you succeed, not if.


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