A Romantic Comedy Based on True Events, Video Book Trailer and Book Summary

A Romantic Comedy Based on True Events, Video Book Trailer and Book Summary

A Romantic Comedy; After seven prostitutes lose their pimp to the church, it’s business as usual except for one problem.  One of the women is pregnant with a wealthy client’s child.  The birth of this bi-racial child changes the dynamics of who sits at the table of wealth and power within the U.S. and the world.



Realizing his seven mothers sabotaged his NFL football career is only the beginning.  Jonathan’s Revenge.


The decision to keep the child creates comedy because none of the women know anything about raising a child.  The women range from brilliant to bipolar, with two common denominators.  One they are each pleasing to the eye and two, it becomes clear none of these women have a conscious.  Yet, they make every effort to raise a reputible boy child.  The journey of these seven women becomes downright funny at times.


Jonathan, a well-mannered kid grows up and is handsome and intelligent in spite of his seven mothers, who don’t have a clue.  From the judge who wants his daughter to marry Jonathan due to Jonathan’s potential inheritance, to the leader of the group who was born a hermaphrodite, the women make a life for themselves in all four corners of the world.


Jonathan isn’t allowed to participate in illegal activity and decides to become an Enrolled Agent with the IRS after a boubt with depression due to his failed NFL career.  Realizing his seven mothers sabotaged his professional football career is only the beginning.


Jonathan finds joy in his new career when he helps U.S. prostitutes from around the globe learn how to report and pay taxes to become legal citizens, plus visiting his tax clients using his mother’s private jet. doesn’t hurt.


Mostly funny and a little sad when lack of wisdom shows stupidity, yet not without slick and deceitful actions of seven beautiful women from different walks of life, who find it impossible to fit into normal society.  The group of women who represent different colors and backgrounds create their own International escort company while nursing their extortion plan.  A romantic comedy based on true events.


The 20 year extortion plan is exposed when Jonathan learns the truth.  The reader is left wondering how seven misfits could raise such a loving man who finds the inner-strength to forgive.  A story based on true-events.  Scroll up and grab a copy

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