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How to Add a Free Calculator to Your Site to Generate More AdSense Traffic

how to create more adsense traffic

The word “calculator” receives an average of 9,140,000 searches on Google each MONTH, thus it’s easy to create Adsense traffic when you provide a free service like a calculator.

What this means is your chances of getting a small percentage of this traffic is good if you use on-page and off-page SEO.  I guess you may want to know, why would this be of any value to you?


It depends on why and how you want to increase your web traffic.  Is it for AdSense?  Then this is an excellent idea.  Here are two great examples of sites earning big by offering a free service.  1. – This page earns from an affiliate product, but when you use the free version, it also earns from AdSense.   The second example is my favorite: – Again you’ll find the AdSense ad on the page where you get your end result.  This site also has a donation option, which I and thousands of others use.


This entire process may sound easy, but you will need to make the commitment to getting the page to rank higher than most. Are you generating traffic because you have a free offer which could result in a purchase from you in the future?  This too is a good reason to bring in general traffic.  Continue below:



Whatever your reason for wanting to generate large numbers of web visitors, providing a free and much-needed service will help you generate that traffic, especially if the page is pleasing to look at.


Below are a limited number of book recommendations to give you a better idea of how this type of indirect marketing is done.  By the way, calculator is the 5th most popular keyword on the Internet. (2016) The word translate is in position number 2 and the word translator is in position number 10.  You can check the keyword facts here. But before you leave, you may want to browse book recommendations on how to build a large email list. You can make this happen.  Don’t let this be another idea that sits on your desk without action.  Make it happen.

Important Note:  This isn’t a subject Internet Marketers write about.  The people who know the ins and outs aren’t sharing the details with us, and why should they?  The book below will help you piece together what you need to know to make this happen. Check out the website SEO in Progress.  This site has a web traffic series for beginners.  All about how to generate traffic, using free platforms.






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