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American Slavery, Light Romance Short Stories, Book Promo This Week

American Slavery Short Stories

BOOK PROMOS September 25th to 29th  From Slavery to Freedom is available from September 24th to September 28th   It was Motumbo’s idea to board the slave ship.  As the son of the Chief, it was his responsibility to know where his fellow tribesmen were going as they disappeared from the shores of the village in Africa.  The calm inner peace which he displayed during rough seas was appreciated, and for this Motumbo was never sold into slavery.   He remained aboard ship helping the colorless man to sail from continent to continent.  When the slave trade was over, Motumbo went to the homeland of the colorless men.  There he raised a family where his descendants can be found today.


Adbu, Motumbo’s first cousin, journey to the new land was different from Motumbo’s as was Motumbo’s younger sister.  Their journeys are shared in Book II and Book III of the short American Slavery Series. Romance enters the picture for Adbu, when respect over-rules as Adbu journeys to the North with his new mistress.  Click on the links and download the series.  If there were ever a positive moment during slavery, these three short stories represent..


Gimbya, Motumbo’s younger sister experiences an entirely different scenario that includes being personally violated to finding the love of her life. Click on the links and download the series.  If there were ever a positive moment during slavery.


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