An Open Letter to Men in America Re: 2016 Election, Don’t Worry It’s Positive

An Open Letter to Men in America Re: 2016 Election, Don’t Worry It’s Positive

Most women were seriously concern about a female president. Few women will admit it, but our own doubts regarding matters above our pay grade came to the forefront. We fully realize our innovated ways of getting what we want work great in our personal lives, jobs, and community, but when it comes to the world stage, well that’s a different story. Wise women were concerned, intelligent women were not.

Most women had faith in Hilary’s experience and ability to get things done, others didn’t. Most women who felt indifferent kept our mouths shut because we didn’t want to hurt Hilary’s chances and the second option wasn’t an option, so we thought.

Clearly, men were thinking differently.  continue below

Wise women understood having a female president would bring about a double insult to our worst enemies. Most of us weren’t ready to slap the Middle East men over what we call sexist policies, mostly because the women in the Middle East weren’t ready to support such actions.

We also realized the secrets of womanhood would be revealed on different levels if we were to have a female president, just as the secrets of the Lue tribe in Africa were exposed when Obama became president.

I’ve said all this to say, no matter how women felt prior to the 2016 election, there was one thing we were NOT and that was united. Now, very few women in America are happy with the end result or “how” the election played out.

What I’m saying to men is; Women saw, without a doubt, sexism in the system.

For those of you who follow my blog, you know I love men. Ever since I was a little girl, boys were my favorite people in the world. As your friend I’m telling you, women in America are silently angry. Not because Hilary lost, but because of the undercurrent which initiated the lost.

My deepest concern is the rash of sexual harassment accusations are a retaliation action. I could be wrong, I hope I’m wrong, but what if I’m right?

Here’s an incomplete list of men accused of sexual harassment since Harvey Weinstein. The list includes an ex-president of the United States to Congressmen to Hollywood’s A-Listers.  What troubles me companies are quick to make decisions and cut ties, ruin careers and possible financial futures.  I might add the ex-president is in a wheelchair, tell me again how he sexually harassed you?  Oh yea, he patted your butt.

After several hours of meditation, not at the same time, and in-depth research, I came to what may be the conclusion of why so many high-level men are being consistently accused of sexual harassment.   It appears many of the claims are true but not all of them.

It also appears women of European descent are changing the face of power and leadership in America.  Is this in accordance with election day in 2016?
The risk is in companies, organizations and the general public jumping on the bandwagon to accuse individuals before the allegations are proven.  This is a very serious risk.



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