Are Fiction Authors a Little Crazy?

Are Fiction Authors a Little Crazy?


Are Fiction Writers a Little Crazy?
Are Fiction Writers a Little Crazy?

Creating fiction is no small fate.  First of all the story has to be interesting.  Your main character has to be different in a way that is acceptable to your readers, yet your protagonist must have flaws, problems and serious issues which must be worked out on the pages of your book.

Aside from that, you must have determination, self-confidence and a willingness to become  a better writer.  You must learn what makes readers turn the pages?  Yes, there are formulas which authors can use to write a successful book, but creation is still a part of the process.  What will be the age of the character, background, flaws, strengths and particulars of each character.  How will the characters interact?  What  point are you trying to make, what lesson are you trying to share? What will be the ending?  There are so many questions.

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Than there  is that “zone of insanity” when an author becomes one with the main character.  They can’t stop thinking about or writing about their creation.  They may be in the shower, cooking or even diving, when suddenly a great idea comes to mind.  They must stop what they’re doing and write down the idea before it’s lost in the day to day task of living.

It’s most annoying when you have an appointment or a time-sensitive task to complete and your main character takes over your thoughts and lets you know what should happen next, and why.  You can’t stop writing and the complex but exciting ideas keep coming.  You must make your appointment or complete your task, but your main character has lots more to say.  So you continue to write, making the plot interlocking and exciting.

Your appointment is less than an hour away, and it takes 30 minutes to get there, and you haven’t started to get dressed.  You’re in “the zone” the writing and creating zone.  If you call to say you’ll be slightly late for the appointment, you’ll loose contact with the thoughts in your mind.  It’s a dilemma each author must decide for themselves.

Perhaps a Recording Device  which can record your ideas while you multi-task. A listening device which you can record your ideas, day or night.  You see it’s the mystery writers who suffer the most from these moments of insanity.  We jump back and forth between the world of fiction that we’re creating and the world of reality that we live in.

No we’re not crazy, we’re creative!  Delivering the best plots we can is what we do.  Follow Us for free and discounted romance and mystery books by great authors.  Download free books onto any device. @Xicasblog on Twitter.

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