Atheist in the Church

Atheist in the Church

Wednesday night bible study, Friday night choir practice, and Sunday morning church service, atheist are almost always present.  They know exactly when to say Amen, yet they secretly harbor thoughts of non=belief.

In many cases, atheist fulfill the most important roles within the church.  They make major decisions within the church and abide by the rules of the church when outside of the church.

Those within the church who truly believe, often times feel the despair and the uncertainty.  Many people leave the church due to conflict.  It’s not something people discuss or even admit to themselves, but their own faith is shaken by the inner confusion within the church.

Even after people leave the church,   their belief in something greater than themselves never goes away.  The inner-self constantly look for an avenue which will support its strongest belief.  People trade Sunday morning church in for watching the sunset in the evening when they can reflect on that which is greater than themselves.


light romance on beach

It may be sooner rather than later that they end up, mentally, in a place that is unfamiliar to them.  It seems their thoughts and inner beliefs have joined with millions of others who also have been swept upwards and inward.

Some people realize they have unknowingly (mentally) migrated to the smallest country in the world, the only religion that has its own country.  The most interesting factor in this spiritual migration is you find people with different religious beliefs than the Catholic Church.

This spiritual and meditative migration is normal.  Birds of a feather flock together.


The heart leads you to inner peace, understanding, knowledge and wisdom.  It’s in the realm of the unknown where people find “like minds” who may practice different religions, yet have one commonality.

There are over 5 billion people out of 7 billion people on earth who are affiliated with prayer through their religion.  Prayer transcends borders, politics, entertainment, religions and economic status.

Again people are reminded even though 5 billion people are affiliated with prayer, the common denominator of all religions, not all 5 billion actually believe there is a power greater than themselves.

A prayer is a tool which can be used to manifest inner help with earthly task and situations, Don’t fool yourself reaching the highest thought for yourself or for mankind comes from information, knowledge, wisdom, faith, self-confidence, concentration and commitment.

There will always be atheist within the church.  Where else are they going to be on Sunday morning?  Several years back, an Army man said to me, “The U.S. Airforce became the Army’s bitch the day they removed the Latin word for God off the Airforce logo.”  I laughed, but now I realize it wasn’t a joke.


Learning how to pray and/or meditate effectively should be on your “to do” list.  When you pray intelligently, the answers almost reveal themselves before you finish your prayer.  Meditation can be extremely instrumental in helping you to formulate an intelligent prayer


Being specific is part of being intelligent.


You can find dozens of free books on prayer and meditation each day on Amazon.


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