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Author Apprehensive Over Releasing New Suspense Thriller

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Book Number IV is all done.  The problem, I’m frighten of my own book.  According to my 1099-MISC for the IRS, I’m a writer.  I take current events and add serious fiction to the situation.   Well may there’s a little more then that.  I often gaze into the stars and ask myself questions like, “What if this happened?”  My imagination is quite active.  I didn’t exactly know how to harness this gift until I begin writing.  My subconscious was telling me for 30 years that I was suppose to be a writer.  It wasn’t until retirement that I finally listened to my inner-self. .
Usually my books go through three to four drafts before I’m comfortable.  Most mornings are spent deleting what was written the day before, especially if written under the influence of tequila and pineapple juice.  (I retired south of the border) I make sure each book is believable, doable and feasible. I guess that’s what frightens me.
 What if I’m closer to the truth then the powers that be would like.  I know it’s fiction, I tell my readers it’s fiction. Yea, but what if the Central Intelligence Agency doesn’t like my fiction?


I always make sure the CIA looks good, and I always make sure the United States comes out smelling like a rose.  We all know this is not always true, but what the hell?  It’s fiction.
The Osei International Book Series is very International.  Osei and Ben, the CIA’s latest cyber-criminal special agents, spend a lot of time in exotic destinations. I always choose destination where I’ve visited, except for that time I sent Osei to London.
The fact that my real life initials include C.A.I. has always encouraged my interest in what the the world’s most secretive agency was doing.  CIA-OSEI- Book-SeriesNever been to Langley.  In fact never been to Washington DC.  Born in Northern California, lived on three continents and traveled to dozens and dozens of destinations,  just never visited the nation’s capital.   I watch YouTube videos to familiarize myself with destinations which I’ve not personally visited.  YouTube is my go to place for research on destination in my books.   My thoughts are why go on journey within a book unless you can travel to great places?
As I write this blog post, I feel more confident about releasing the fourth book in this series.  I know I’m suppose to have a release schedule,   Free CIA Thriller Book but for some reason, I needed to live with Book Number !V for a couple months.  The events in Book IV are serious, at least to me.   Osei and Ben must deal with a series of very delicate assignments.  One being the missing Malaysian aircraft.  The other dealing with closet followers of Hitler.  Book Number IV reminds us that there is more then Middle East terrorist at work, white supremacy is still holding meetings according to Book Number IV. and this time, they’re using high-tech methods to fuel their agenda.
You can always read Book Number One for free in the Kindle Store on Amazon.  Osei International Book II is good, but Book III is my favorite, that is until Book IV is released.  You can follow our Twitter account @Xicasblog  for free Kindle Books daily by top authors from around the world and of course, I’ll let you know when I get enough nerve to release Osei International Book IV.

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