How to Become a Certified Drone Pilot With the FAA

How to Become a Certified Drone Pilot With the FAA

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Learn how to become a certified drone pilot with the Federal Aviation Administration. Regardless if you’re a potential drone investor, a drone hobbyist or want to become a paid drone pilot, How to Become a Certified Drone Pilot With the FAA will help you get started. You can become a certified drone pilot with the FAA as young as 16 years of age

Drone ground pilot school?  Is there such a thing?  Yes.  A test preparation course to help you prepare for the FAA Drone Certification to become a Drone Commercial Pilot.information is included in the book.

On August 29, 2016 the FAA officially implemented a new drone certification process that covers the majority of low-risk, commercial sUAS flight operations.



The new regulations were implemented on August 29th 2016.  Yes, there is a written test, isn’t it always when the U.S. Gov gets involved?  (60 questions; 2 hours; 70 percent passing grade)

If you’re just planning to fly your drone to amuse yourself, there is no need for a certification, however there are rules: Continue below:


A few of those guidelines include:

  • Flying in the daylight
  • Flying under 400 feet
  • Establishing a direct line-of-sight
  • Not flying in national parks
  • Not flying directly over people


Easy common sense rules, but you wait, people will find a way to break the rules.  If your drone is over 55 lbs you are required to register with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) even if you only fly drones for recreation. There are lots more ins and outs in the new regulations.  You can go here for details.

Governments world wide are concerned about the high-tech drone industry.  The UK is actually crashing drones into aircraft to test the end result

Know this:  When there are government testing regulations in place, there are opportunities for jobs, income and personal advancement. To learn more about drones for beginners, check out the following books:



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