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Blog Book Reviews, The Bible on Business, and Jesus Had a Step Dad Too by Trudy Beerman

Trudy Beerman, Certified Financial Planner

From learning how to run a more successful business, with a business plan right out of the Bible to helping children understand that Jesus had a Step Dad Too, Trudy Beerman opens the gates to knowledge on finances, the bible and your future, as well as helping children to understand that Christ too had an earthly step-dad.

When she lost her savings, 401K value, and other investments during the economic recession of 2006-2010, rather than see herself as a victim, she was convicted by Romans 13:8 and saw how her financial situation was a result of violating this biblical principle by carrying a heavy debt burden.  Thus her book,  Broke?  Get Debt Free Wealth has special meaning for her.

For individuals who want their business affairs to be more in alignment with the Bible and the Bible’s teachings, readers will need to grab a copy of The Bible on Business

Trudy, a Certified Financial Planner continues to serve as a Debt Free Wealth Money Coach and Educator.  Learn more about her books, her life and her in-dept knowledge of building wealth using the business plan from the Bible.




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