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Book Review, 72 Ways to Earn Extra Cash After You Retire, How to Retire Happy

The book 72 Ways to Earn Cash After You Retire, provides options for seniors who want to re-invent themselves.  A book that will help you find your passion and earn extra cash from anywhere in the world, after you retire.  Full of direct links to help you learn more about your newly found passion, to information on how to get started.

Most people have three major components surrounding their retirement benefits. Pensions, savings, and investments, and Social Security benefits.  But sometimes, even this isn’t enough to live comfortably.  The book 72 Ways to Earn Cash After You Retire, provides options, ideas, suggestions, information and direct links to ways to re-invent yourself.  Continue below

Research shows that seniors who work longer live longer, and that’s great for those who want to continue working.  But there are those of us, who would rather start a new life, and it doesn’t include continuing to work in your same old job or career. Starting a new life usually includes moving to an exotic destination and, or re-inventing yourself.

Obligations may have kept you from doing what you really wanted to do in life.  Retirement is when you catch the train you missed when you were younger.   You know you’ll be good at your new project because you dreamed about it for the last two decades.

Retirement is “your time.” You’ve given to society.  You paid your taxes, raising healthy, beautiful and educated children, and now it’s your time.

If you woke up too late to plan for a comfortable retirement, then do what hundreds of thousands of other baby boomers are doing who woke up late, or lost their wealth to the downturn of the economy.  No matter what they say, there are hundreds of thousands of people who haven’t recovered.  The book explains in detail what thousands of baby-boomers do each year to live well on less.  Download a copy today. 72 Ways to Earn Extra Cash After You Retire


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