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Book Review, A Mystery for Teens, The Advice Advengers by Meg Kimball

Download a copy today on Amazon; Great story for teens

9 – 14 years

“Cory to the Rescue!” Advice Avengers is a story involving two girls on a mission to give the best advice possible, no matter what.

When Corey is given the opportunity to co-write an advice column for her school’s newspaper, she decides to give it a try. It seems fun at first, but someone doesn’t like the Advice Avengers. Can Corey figure out who it is before everything she’s worked for is ruined?

After several hilarious encounters, Corey is about to learn that the best advice comes from the heart.


It’s a lazy Saturday in autumn.  As usual my noise “is stuck in a book,”  as my mom would say.   But this particular book has such a sad ending that when I finished it, I’m crying almost hysterically.   I wonder in the basement where my mom is doing laundry. “Corry what’s the matter?” Mom looks alarmed until I hold up the book and point at it.  “Oh, you got to the end, didn’t you?  I warned you about that book, didn’t I, sweetie?”

I sniffled and wiped my tears away, “I only wish there was a sequel, “I sob . . .  continue reading


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