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Book Review for Teens and Grown-Ups, The Third Child, International Mystery

Aadheen, is an ordinary teenager enrolled at the local university in America.  His life becomes everything but ordinary after his father deems him as The Third Child born into a Muslim family.  Aadheen’s father dedicates Aadheen’s life to the Jihad, a Muslim organization that is not always friendly to the West.

Surrounded with fear, doubt and a willingness to do the right thing, Aadheen contacts the CIA to tell of his father’s decision after the Jihad demands his attendance at an International workshop in  Egypt.  Without her son’s knowledge, Aadheen’s mother, who is a college professor, also contacts the Agency for help.

Once the CIA gets involved, Aadheen gets his life back, but not before traveling to Egypt and Israel before returning to his girlfriend and his classes back at college.  An exciting and frightening adventure for a young man who only wants to do the right thing.  Highly recommended for teens and grown-ups.  US National Security Fiction Book 1


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