Book Review, From Slavery to Freedom, Young African Princess is Stolen in the NIght

Book Review, From Slavery to Freedom, Young African Princess is Stolen in the NIght

Gimbya, the half-sister to the great Motumbo, the slave who was never a slave, is stolen in the night by colorless men.  It was at the end of the slave trade, yet Gimbya was taken for the Captain’s personal pleasure.  The fact Gimbay is the youngest daughter of the tribal chief makes little difference.

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A young teen Gimbya is not aware of what is happening to her body after she arrives in America.  Alone and frightened and with child, Gimbya can barely speak the new language but finds comfort with a handsome buck by the name of Gabriel.

Gabriel, who is throw off the plantation because he is the son of the plantation owner, takes Gimbya, with his father’s permission, to Chicago.  Gimbya escapes the evil wishes of the Captain’s wife, Mrs. Mattie, after the Captain’s death.

Chicago proves to be a better solution for the bi-racial couple.  The couple settles into the Chicago way of life around 1865, but not before Gimbya learns more about her cousin, Abdu and her half-brother Motumbo.  Both who left their African village aboard a slave ship before Gimbya was kidnapped.

Overall an interesting read.  The details in the book enhance Gimbya’s character and help the reader to understand the feelings and thoughts of a young African girl stolen into slavery.  Gabriel is half white and half black and exhibits feelings of jealousy because of Gimbya’s pregnancy with the Captain’s child.  His actions are cruel but effective.  Book III of the Motumbo Series; From Slavery to Freedom by Cassandra Brown.


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