Book Review; How to Pray Effectively, Encompasses All Religions

Book Review; How to Pray Effectively, Encompasses All Religions

I downloaded this book because it promised me that there would be no scriptures or lengthy speeches on any particular religion.  The book held true to it’s word.  But to be honest, I was wondering how a book on prayer could be effective without talking about religion?

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The author took the action of prayer to a whole new level.  She first pointed out that prayer is the common denominator of all religions, thus being the glue which holds religions together. (Faith)

She then went on to explain how for prayer to be more effective that one would need to include all factors which could get in the way of a prayer being answered in your favor.  She also pointed out that you don’t always get what you want, but a responsive answer is always provided, you just need to know how to listen.

My first question was how was I going to pray for each and every person, thing, situation or world event that would get in the way of my prayer being answered to my satisfaction?  I can tell you this, it takes a 5-step prayer to pray around the world and though the darkness and the negative which could affect your personal prayer.  She taught me that prayer was more about praying for others, before I pray for myself.

How to Pray Effectively was easy to read, and more importantly, easy to understand.  I highly recommend it it you want to understand and learn how to pray more effectively.


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