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Video Book Review Just Facts, Space Travel for Kids Ages 8 to 11

The video isn’t that great, however the book includes lots of information which is interesting to science buffs.
An informative and colorful book for children.  Includes a vocabulary list of words such as rocker booster, nodes and other exciting words affiliate with the U.S. space program.  I like the way the author teaches children on how rocket boosters work.  I never realized both rockets on the side of the space shuttle drop off into the sea and are retrieved by the NASA staff.

I also wasn’t aware NASA has a live-streaming TV channel where children can view astronauts working at the Subscribe Free Childrens BookInternational Space Station.  Extremely informative book.  The disappointment was learning the International Space Station is only 155 miles from earth, but the whole idea became exciting again when I learned the Space Station travels at speeds of 18,000 miles per hour.  Imagine trying to dock at a station moving that fast.


Educational and informative with colorful images and lots of facts.  Highly recommend………Laura Packston

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