Book Review, Murder By Choice, Revenge at Its Best

Book Review, Murder By Choice, Revenge at Its Best

What happens when an extremely intelligent man is played by his AC-DC girlfriend, Zalinda, from high school to law school.  What’s even more insane is how and why the young woman was able to abuse this above average, intelligent, attorney.

A little slow getting started in the beginning, the book “Murder by Choice” holds your attention because of the unique back-grounds of the charters involved.  When the mother starts a gay relationship in her early twenties, she never envision that she would give birth to twins by the husband of her lover.

Zalinda, Mikes girlfriend, is the niece of the mother’s lover.  She knows more about Mike than he knows about himself.  Yet she didn’t get the memo on how vengeful he could be.

When Mike finds out that Zalinda has been sleeping with girls since high school and that he has been the joke of the college campus, he starts to plan her murder.  His murder plot is what many would call the perfect murder.

If you can get around the slow read in the beginning, you are in for a surprise in the twist and turns of this unique murder mystery.  I highly recommend.


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