Book Review, Murder By Choice, Double Edged Murder Mystery

Book Review, Murder By Choice, Double Edged Murder Mystery

First off, I wasn’t prepared for the double edged plot the author provided in Murder by Choice.  So let me start from the end of the story and work forward, without giving away the plot.

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A young woman, who is a maid, meets and falls in love with a female client, who later marries a doctor.  The relationship appears to have continued over a 25 year span.

Several years or months after the woman marries her doctor husband, she leaves him.  Her lover, the maid in question, is called in to clean the doctor’s home.  The maid and the male doctor start a relationship.  The maid gets pregnant.

The doctor’s wife returns to the home and the marriage and has the maid kicked out of her husband’s life and home.

The doctor purchases a small home for the mother of his children, she has twins.  The doctor and the maid discontinue their relationship other than the monthly cash put into a bank account to raise the children.

The girl, boy twins, grow up with a loving single mom, who never reveals the real story behind their conception.

The boy child is brilliant and goes on to law school.  His high-school sweet-heart also attends college and law school with him,

Zalinda is her name, and sleeping with men and women is her game.  Mike catches her and because of his extreme need for vengeance, he plots to murder her……. you will need to read the book to learn the details.  The author leaves little to chance, she reveals all.

The story is a little slow in the beginning, I guess that’s why I started at the end in this review.  Over all, this is a good read.

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