Book Review, Murder By Choice; Justice Erased w/Perfect Planning

Book Review, Murder By Choice; Justice Erased w/Perfect Planning

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Murder by Choice is just like the author implied, a warning for some and entertainment for others.  A beautiful bi-sexual young woman decides to play her highly intelligent boyfriend throughout high school, college and than law school.  When the boyfriend, Mike, happens to catch her in a compromising position with another female law student, he starts to plan his revenge.

Mike’s revenge is no less than murder.

But this story isn’t like most of your murder plots; Mikes delivery of murder is unique and a little frightening to be honest.

Just when you think you have a grasp on the story, the author introduces the families background,  She brings in factors which facilitated the murder in the first place.  The mother’s relationship of 24 years ago, comes to light, along with the connection between the murdered girl and Mike’s mother, who also disappears in the story,.

Mike has a twin sister, Mikea, who is left to handle the disappearance of her twin brother and her mother.  The mother sends her daughter a message, via Facebook, clarifying why she had to leave the city of Chicago.

The story is a twist within a twist and living proof that all secrets eventually come to the light.  Some sooner than later.  A warning for some women and entertainment for others.  Murder by Choice, by Sandy Ingram


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