Book Review, Offshore Transparency, The IRS and Offshore Banking (Non-fiction reads like a crime mystery)

Book Review, Offshore Transparency, The IRS and Offshore Banking (Non-fiction reads like a crime mystery)

The story reads like a crime fiction, yet the IRS website supports all facts. The story of how and why the keywords “offshore transparency” has become so popular, starting in 2009 to present date, is a must read for anyone interested in IRS audits, offshore account laws and IRS’s voluntary program, for the wealthy.

How and why this new tax-code came into existence makes for a great, high-finance criminal story, which can be verified by visiting, the online achieves of your local newspaper. People who want to understand how the wealthy can hide over $200 trillion, that’s with a “t” in non-reportable offshore accounts, then this is the book for you.

The book, “Offshore Transparency” will amaze and entertain you at the same time. There will be moments when you will wonder if the book isn’t actually a fiction, placed in the non-fiction category. What’s even more interesting is how these high-finance crimes are committed are explained right on the IRS website. The book breaks it down so that everyday taxpayers can fully understand exactly what has occurred.

If you think you’re angry over the wealthy not paying their fair share of the taxes, you will want to read the details of just how much money is going un-taxed. You will also want to read what the Treasury Department and the IRS is currently doing and how these changes may affect you at some point.

For many, understanding international high-finance is not necessarily how you want to spend your morning or afternoon. However understanding how the U.S. is losing billions, each year, in un-taxed income in offshore accounts, opened by U.S. Passport holders, is to understand one of the crimes of the century. This crime is much larger than one group every realized, including the IRS.

What happened in 2009 was a game changer. New tax laws have been put into place with additional laws to take place in the near future. While it is easy to view this information in the news, it’s the connection between each major event which paints a picture that even a 12 year old child could understand. No one news article provides the entire story. When all the dots are connected, the truth reads like an international high-finance crime mystery. Starting with 2009, to the present day (December 2013) the book will provide an inside look at not only the habits (some) of the very wealthy, but how the sub-prime mortgage loan scandal played into the overall picture.

It will become increasingly clear to you that the sub-prime mortgage meltdown only hurt the marginal wealthy. Was this because of who invested in the sub-prime mortgages, or was this because the truly wealthy ban together and threw the marginal wealthy a dog bone in which to joke on? Or, was the sub-prime mortgage meltdown a result of people with “new money” not understanding the true meaning of greed?

The IRS has appointed itself guardian over the financial information of wealthy U.S. Passport holder’s accounts, worldwide. Will offshore money shift to the countries and offshore banking centers, such as China, Panama, and Russia, who refuse to collaborate with the U.S. Treasury (IRS)? Or, will more dummy corporations be formed to help cover the money trail? It will be interesting to learn how the wealthy may respond.

One thing is for sure, these new tax laws are real.

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