Book Review The Reality of Numbers God Nature and Science

Book Review The Reality of Numbers God Nature and Science

Looking for God in Science, Numbers and Patterns

Keeping it simple – Looking through abstract glasses at one at the most diverse arguments among men of all times, the question of creation vs. evolution crops up again and again.

Regardless of the strong arguments surrounding creation vs. evolution, a non-argumentative person could easily ask the question, “How could there be one without the other?”

Then the question quickly becomes, “Who is the creator?” Please identify the creator.

In keeping it simple, the creator simply would be the laws of nature which created the universe, the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars. Certainly this is a higher thought which systematically reproduces itself billions and billions of times over. it appears to be chaotic, but when examined closely you find the power of math.

A young student may quickly ask, “Is God in the numbers?”

An elderly scholar, and even a master architect from ancient times, might answer this question as, “Yes?”

The ancient builders built temples surrounding a pattern of numbers, the same pattern of numbers used by nature over and over again. The building plans and the actual building of the these ancient temples were a secret within themselves.

During that time ALL builders, architects and carpenters were considered to be what were called Freemasons. This was a given. Ancient builders simple took the equations presented by nature and designed important buildings duplicating these same numbers.

Following the numbers of nature didn’t stop there. Even today we use numbers to plan our future, and to specify our goals and time frames. Numbers is a crucial part of our everyday lives, yet we often forget that the equations we use in building, business and planning of today can be traced back to nature and the repeated patterns which make up our world.

There are videos which support the concept of this article and college classes which teach this concept. The next time you see a mathematician, ask him has he seen God? You may be surprised at his answer. In the meantime you can view Professor Marcus du Sautoy videos and download my book in the Kindle Store on Amazon, The Reality of Numbers God Nature and Science by C.A. Ingram.

I’m a retired instructor who writes CIA thriller mysteries and children’s books. Rarely will I write a 1200 word article explaining each step of any process. Research and digging for the missing links in a theory or concept is part of learning. It’s how people retain what they learn and also how they know when and how to use what they’ve learned. When someone “tells” you something, we tend to forget. However, when we actively search for the missing link, we never forget, It becomes a part of our existence.

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