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Book Review, The Company of Twelve, A High-Tech Startup With a Unique Company Policy

This is a story that you have to read to understand.  Twelve misfits who have little in common except for high IQs, and the ability to code super secret programs for Corporate America and the U.S. Gov, figure out a way to bring entertainment and personal satisfaction to their live work compound.  The Company of Twelve (COT) is is just like any other high-tech start-up, except for one major difference.

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The group of twelve, (computer programmers) all come together for one reason.  The goal is to save a $100 million in ten years and never have to work again.  The group of six men and six women who met in college, dedicate their entire life to reaching their goal.  No hold backs.

Winning million dollar computer programming contracts with the U.S. gov and corporations is how each coder earns in excess of $1 million a year.  All living expenses are paid for by the Company of Twelve.  No expenses or lifestyle options are left to chance.

This book review may leave you wondering, as does the book.  I’m glad I downloaded it, and even more glad that I read it.  Yes, I’m still wondering about the details of what was happening upstairs.  The author leaves you in a quandary and wanting more, but not before shocking you with the reality of one high-tech start-up.

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