Book Review, Why the 44th President’s DNA is So Important, The DNA of a President by Sandy Ingram

Book Review, Why the 44th President’s DNA is So Important, The DNA of a President by Sandy Ingram

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Very few people want to openly discuss “the other” elephant in the administration of the 44th President.  We as a nation pride ourselves on presenting an agenda without regard to race, creed or origin.  And America is to be applauded for pulling off the first African American president episode.

What concerns me about the entire situation is, we are so busy being equal opportunity citizens that no one is talking about the real origin of the 44th President.

I think I speak for many when I say, we are proud for the 44th President, and we admire his ability to keep his cool under extreme pressure.  We admire his intellect and his ability to articulate. 

However, the fact still remain, that unless you are a direct descendant of an American Indian, more than likely your ancestors arrived in America, on a boat.  We get that America is a melting pot, of many different people.  And we understand assimilation into the American cultural starts with accepting others and their cultural.

My question is, how do we assimilate a cultural, which is over 3000 years old, that we know so little about?  Or do we just continue to ignore it, like we’ve been doing?

Our 44th President is a direct descendant of “the Lue” tribe of Africa.  This tribe of people has its roots in B.C.  According to research, “the Lue” tribe can access their ancestral roots.

It’s understandable that the news media and U.S. citizens may want to sweep certain factors under the carpet, because these issues have no real value when it comes to dealing with the current task of running the country.  Yet, it puzzles me that law enforcement takes the time and effort to profile criminals, but we don’t seem to have time to profile our presidential candidates.

If voters had taken the time to really get to know the 44th President’s DNA, they would have never been surprised by the health care bill, or any efforts to help the poor.  To understand a person’s DNA is to understand the, physical and spiritual connections that one has with his or her ancestors.  It’s called, for lack of better words, “spiritual DNA.”

Understanding a potential president’s DNA would not only provide more confidence about your vote, it would also provide voters with a better understanding about the individual.  Why should be ever understand a high-profile criminal, more than we understand the most powerful leader in the free-world?

The book “The DNA of a President explores “the Lue” tribe in detail, as well as “the other” side of the family of the 44th President.  From the younger brother of the 44th President to the estranged maternal grandmother, and the political battles of the 44th President’s grandfather and father are shared, from a different and more positive prospective.

It is said that Africa helped facilitate the arrival of Christ, whose linage started in Africa.  When America wasn’t looking, an African comingled with an American woman and provided us with another piece to the world history puzzle.  The truth is in the DNA.

You can find the updated, edited version of “The DNA of a President” in the Kindle Store on Amazon, Follow us on Twitter and receive a free Kindle Books.

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