Book Trailer, Book Review Jonathan’s Revenge

Book Trailer, Book Review Jonathan’s Revenge

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Jonathan’s Revenge a story for all women, those in the affluent neighborhoods and those on the other side of the tracks, because in this book  . . . .  everyone behaves badly.   This story is based on true events.  Names, plates, dates and finances have been changed to protect the guilty!


Seven misfits loose their pimp to the church after he becomes a minister.   Misfits, yet highly intelligent, these women put their heads together and create a global escort service  with wealthy clients in every major city.  The signs of success, from the private jet to enormous monthly cash-flow, is only the beginning.


When one of the seven women falls in love with the client, her hopes of a possible relationship are darken when her prince charming uses her for a afternoon  s _ x party  for his wealthy business associates.  The seven women have no other recourse but to retaliate. (Some chapters not suitable for under-age readers)

There’s just one problem.  The key person in the revenge plot isn’t on board with the blackmail scheme.  When he learns why his seven mothers have tried to control every phase of his personal life, he’s furious. His cute girlfriend who happens to be the daughter of a high ranking judge gets in on the act too.  If the plot works, million of dollars are at stake.

From the judge’s chambers to the four corners of the world, the escort industry is secretly aware and in support of the take-down.  In an effort to teach the son of one of America’s wealthiest families a lesson the women face the possibility of prison time, not to mention losing other wealthy clients.
Don’t want to spoil the ending, but the seven women win the war and the battle, but not until Jonathan weighs in.  Download from Kindle Store on Amazon.  Read on any mobile device.


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