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Broken Hearts Decay If Not Given Time to Heal, Article, Book Recommendations, Video

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broken-heartIf  I had only one sentence to say to the younger generation, it would be “Broken hearts decay if not given time to heal, properly.”  Hearts that malfunction on an emotional level due to conflict, and emotional pain can inflict pain for a lifetime. This doesn’t include the bad decisions people make in life due to broken hearts.

It’s a funny thing, the mind appears to forget the incident or incidents that caused us emotional pain, at least on the surface.

We go about life like nothing happened.  The truth is, our bodies remember exactly what happened and what caused the pain.  Our subconscious mind reminds the body whenever events occur that relate to previous pain we’ve experienced in the past

Our bodies remember exactly how we got into the conflict that upset our life, our thoughts, our sleep habits and often times our decisions  This is why the mental health community tells us to avoid major decisions after a major event occurs in our lives.

Below are book suggestions and book recommendations to help you get past the emotional pain and onto the road of success.

Book Recommendations

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