Can a Person Change Their Sexual Preference?

Can a Person Change Their Sexual Preference?

The answer is yes, but first, let’s agree on a few basics.  Only you can determine what is normal for you.  Only you can determine what’s best or correct for you.  Only you can make the decision to be your best self.


The question is;  Can I change my sexual preference? An even better question is: “Am I the master of my body?  The answer to both questions is “yes.”


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Your next question might be:  How? What I am sure of is;  When you meditate and become your own best friend you are given the option, more than once, to change your heart.  You can create a relationship with yourself and “in time” change your heart to become the person you want to be.



Accomplishing this task can take time, for many people years, for others, months, weeks or even days.  It’s all about your starting point, your determination, your commitment level and your conviction.


You may or may not need prescribed medication to complete this task.  Consult with your physician.  Embarking upon such a task could be extremely stressful, with when you employ patience.


It doesn’t matter how you were born.  It does”t matter what you’ve “learned” to like.  What matters is what YOU truly want.  You and only you have the power to know thy self and to change your heart which will ultimately change your mind, which will change your actions.

The bottom line is, if you don’t like who you are, meditate and or pray and be patient with yourself.  You can change your heart, and in time, every blood cell in your body can change through your connection to a universe which will help you reach your highest thought.



Humans were given this ability.  Change your heart, change your thoughts, change your desire, change your mind.   Unfortunately, pop self-awareness techniques tell individuals that to change your life you only have to change your thoughts.  These fade self-help techniques don’t take into account, the heart is at the center of our ultimate actions.  To make changes which include the heart means you MUST consult with your heart first.  Align your conscious and subconscious mind with your heart in order to make a lasting change. (Then you must be patient)  Continue below.



To the women and men who are born with both genders, I can only imagine your road is difficult at times.  My sincere suggestion is to become your own best friend and make a decision as to which gender you are most comfortable with.  With the help of powers that are greater than yourself,  make the decision to have the body parts that you decide “not” to identify with surgically removed or sewn, or not.

It’s unfair to entrap others in a vicious circle of one moment you’re a woman and the next you’re a man.  Even the law disapproves of entrapment.  You must realize being whichever genders that suit you at the moment is not only unfair to those around you but unfair to you, a person who is in constant flux.  (If you’ve been called to a higher standard that I’m not aware of, please allow me to be wrong).



I speak to you from the heart.  I hope the words can be of help to you now and in the future.





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