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Childrens Book Review, How Many? Test Your Child’s Knowlege On the Value of Numbers

Does Your Young Child Really Understand the Value of Numbers?

What if the child is just saying the numbers from memory?

This is OK up to a certain point or age, and is expected.

But before a child can actually learn to add numbers, they much understand the value of the numbers they are reciting.

This book will help you determine your child’s ability to understand numbers and the value of numbers. The child is asked “How Many?” items or images are on the page? The child’s response will help you determine which areas, if any, the child may need help in. If the child stumbles or hesitates on the answer than you will realize they need more time to fully understand the value of numbers. This is a fun and easy book with colorful images. The book is short intentionally, 12 questions. You never want your little one to suspect that you are testing them. Children are intuitive, they know.  Grab a Copy Today

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