Childrens Book Review Kizmo, The Chimp, Gets Into More Trouble

Childrens Book Review Kizmo, The Chimp, Gets Into More Trouble

Kizmo the Chimp, is Always Getting Into Trouble and.,…..

This book is no different, except this time we added a link to all of Kizmo’s adventures.

Kizmo is famous for acting out while Kevin is learning his ABCs, Days of the Week, Shapes, Sizes, Colors and Numbers. The family’s travel adventures are no exception. Kizmo gets lost in New York City. And if that isn’t enough, he gets lost at the Kennedy Space Station and ends up in outer-space with the astronauts. This book includes links to each of Kevin and Kizmo’s travel and learning adventures. See why the Keven and Kizmo series is popular in the Kindle Store.  Grab a Copy Today

Book Review:  In the travel adventures of the Kevin and Kizmo Book Series, children are introduced to different places around the world.  The family travel often and of course they take their pet chimpanzee, Kizmo, who sometimes gets into a lot of trouble.

Children are introduced to different travel destinations such as Japan, Niagara Falls, Kennedy Space Station, Baseball Hall of Fame, New York City and different places around the world.  For the Christmas holidays the family takes a cruise, and Kizmo gets lost aboard the cruise ship.  Each book shares information about the world and or basic learning skills, such as ABC’s and days of the week.  Over all, good information for children, certainly entertaining.

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