Childrens Book Review Learning Same and Differences Preschool and Kindergarten

Childrens Book Review Learning Same and Differences Preschool and Kindergarten

Children can often recognize same and differences, but don’t know how to articulate or express what they see.  That is why “same and differences” is always in the  preschool and kindergarten curriculum.   The book Learning Same and Differences helps young children to identify and understand the words associated with expressing same and differences., says C. Ingram, ECE (Early Childhood Education)

The book, Learning Same and Differences, helps children to concentrate on the images and come to a conclusion. Thus the book addresses learning the difference between same and different, as well as encouraging the skill of concentration.

C. Ingram, ECE says children who learn how to concentrate at an early age are usually at the head of the class for years to come.  Parent’s sometimes forget that concentration is a key element in learning.  Of course too much concentration can be stressful and disruptive to the learning process, especially if the child is young.


The worksheet in school looks like this, and this is an excellent worksheet for a classroom or homework assignment. This is how most of us learned same and differences. This worksheet is non-stressful and effective. And this is the way I’ve taught hundreds of children “same and differences”

SD Example worksheet







If you’re a parent who wants to encourage concentration, then you might opt for a worksheet that looks like the one below:


Are any of the houses the same?     SD How many houses

How many houses are there?

The book Learning Same and Differences only has 10 questions. Creating stress in the learning process is a bad thing. Parents can determine if they want to do 5 questions one night and 5 questions the next night. It depends on the age and concentration level of the child.

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