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Childrens Book Review Rego The Dog Sled Puppy Who Couldn’t

Rego is an Alaskan Husky, Who is Handicap…..He Wants to Pull the Dog Sled, But Can’t

This is an inspirational story for children who are challenged and children who need a little motivation.

Rego can’t pull the dog sled like his champion dog-sled racing, brothers  he’s unhappy about it.  His job is to protect the house when his owner and his six brothers are away. One day Rego has to protect the house from a stranger. After, Rego is praised by his owner and the lady of the house, he comes to realize that his job is just as important as pulling the dog-sled.

A motivational story for young children.

Educational resources in back of book.  Children learn about the different dog-sled breeds, in Alaska, Canada and Greenland.  Grab a Copy for Your Young Child.


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