CIA Agents, Operatives What Do We Know?

CIA Agents, Operatives What Do We Know?

We know the application process for joining the Central Intelligence Agency can take anywhere from two months to over a year. We also know the average IQ of CIA employees is above normal. The interesting factors include the realization that intelligence isn’t the only important factor in the hiring process. The ability to understand human nature based on culture, language and environment rank high on the list of abilities.  Continue below.

The entire set up of the CIA suggest genius better serve the agency as government contractors rather than employees. A genius who can’t tie their own shoes may not fit into the day to day work environment at the agency, however, when strange things go bump in the night and have a ripple effect around the world, it’s time to call in one of the 160 IQ consultants. He wears slip-on shoes, no need to tie his shoes.` Yet he’s swift and effective in solving most problems within minutes.

You must be a citizen of the United States when you apply to work for the Central Intelligence Agency
You must be at least 18 years of age.

You must not have taken drugs for at least 12 months prior to your application. These factors are determined during the medical screening process.

The CIA will accept you, even if you have a tattoo.

Your application process should not be shared or discussed online.

The more languages you speak the better, however, you can be employed without the benefit of a second or third language.

The CIA likes it when you finished college with a 3.0 or better GPA, however, a college degree isn’t mandatory for employment.

The CIA uses words like intuitive in job descriptions.

The Osei International Book Series includes the factual and a few none factual traits for the main characters. For example, Osie is born in Nigeria and educated in New Zealand, yet he’s one of the best computer hackers the CIA has ever encountered. The agency facilities and fast-track his U.S. citizenship in order for him to start his training at “the Farm.” Book II

Osei accepts the offer for two reasons, one; because the CIA saves his family who is kidnapped by terrorists in Nigeria and two because it was the kind of offer labeled as the one and only acceptable solution. Book I. Always Free

It’s Shelly, his sexy Case Manager, who takes Osei under her wings and cultivates one of the best cyber-operatives the Agency has ever known. Book III

It’s in Book IV and Book V, which is coming soon, that things get really dangerous when the Agency starts poking into its “own” history. The end result provides fictional answers to questions most people would rather not ask.

A real mystery thriller, which is sure to leave you asking questions of your own. Grab the entire series today.


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