CIA Mystery Thriller

CIA Mystery Thriller

Dangers in the shadows? Yes, dangers which we never hear about on the six o’clock news, yet, they are amazingly believable, and subconsciously we know parts of what we read may be true.

Cyber terrorism is a new industry, one which the CIA has hired unique individuals to carefully manipulate without Congress or even other Department Heads knowing.

Only the NSA has a clue and they get it wrong when the CIA unleashes its deadly group of three who hack the hackers.

A sexy prodigy child raised in the foster-care system. A highly intelligent computer programming engineer with a gift for altering digital records and a man named Osie, born in Nigeria, educated in New Zealand, snatched up by the U.S.  Continue below . . . . 


Rules are broken for a CIA team that doesn’t exist.

There are few people to answer to and even fewer who understand what they really do. Osei International Book Series is a series of stories which peek into the shadows to deliver an exciting mystery thriller.

Of course, a series wouldn’t be complete without inter-personal relationships. Osei likes Veronica. Veronica is dating Osei’s best friend Benjamine. Shelly, the Case Manager, likes Osei, yet its the asset who gets the engagement ring.

Book I is always free.  Download in the Kindle Store here:

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