CIA Spy Game II Word Game

CIA Spy Game II Word Game


The CIA was established in September of 1947  True or False?


The CIA’s predsorror was the OSS Office of Strategic Services True or False?

True The OSS at its peak in 1944, had over 13,000 operatives, of which 4,.500 were women


A CIA Burn Notice is when a spy is compromised.  True or False?

True.  A Burn Notice can ruin a spies career.


In the spy world an Asset is a stock that raises fund for the CIA.  True or False?

False.  An Asset has intelligence value and are usually individuals.


A “walk in” is a crazy person who walks in and volunteers information.  True or False?

True and False.  Some “walk ins” are mentally challenged, but not all.  Important information has been reported by people who “walk in” with information.


Eyewash is when you lie in a report to protect the source.  True or False?


Often time Mossad agents pass for CIA agents to recruit Arabs.  True or False?



A Confusion Agent is a neighbor who spreads rumors.  True or False?

False.  A Confusion Agent in the spy world is someone who screws up the opposition’s intelligence.


A Jack in the Box is a fast food restaurant chain.  True or False?

False.  In the spy world a Jack in the Box is when a spy places a dummy in a car to follo others about the number of occupants in the car.


If you like spy games, you’ll love the fictional Osei International Book Series.  Book I is Always Free. The CIA has its own hackers and cyber-terrorism war has already began.


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