Coming Soon, The Ultimate Disclosure by Valinda

Coming Soon, The Ultimate Disclosure by Valinda

Story can now be found on Amazon

The Ultimate Disclosure

From thoughts of suicide to humiliation and betrayal, Hagar makes every effort to recover after losing her family, her dignity and her husband.


A lovely young woman from a Muslim family is forced by her father to attend an Ivy League Law School, to further his International business efforts.  Her family of builders and designers of builders, for over 2000 years comes from a blood-line of Freemasons.  Hagar isn’t allowed to join the secret society, instead she is forced to attend law school to become competent in International real estate law.


When Hagar’s request to follow in the family’s tradition of becoming an architect is denied, she reluctantly attends law school, only to become involved with Jason, a student from a very wealthy family.


When Jason’s father runs a background check on each student in his son’s law class he finds out the truth about Hagar’s father.  Hagar is then railroaded into a relationship with Jason, and ultimately into marriage, at the risk of being murdered by her family for giving of herself to a white American, who isn’t a Muslim.


Jason is in love with another law student and when his father demands that he brings Hagar home as a wife and gives him a five million dollar gift to facilitate the marriage.  Jason shares the money with the woman he’s really in love with, in hopes that she will forgive him and wait for him.


When the other woman shows up on couple’s honeymoon/business-trip, in Puerto Vallarta, Hagar recognizes her in the hotel, as an old girlfriend of her husband.  The run-in results in the ultimate disclosure, but not before disclosure of ancient Freemason secrets are revealed.  A fiction based on world history takes the reader on an emotional ride with Hagar who is torn between two religions.  She finds a common denominator which enables her to with-stand the betrayal and deceit, granted to her for the sole purpose of bringing her father down.


Download now, a short story with built in life-lessons for young adults. STORY HAS BEEN PUBLISHED CLICK HERE:  The Ultimate Disclosure

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