Conflict Among Religion is Disturbing People’s Ability to Pray, Book Recommendations How to Pray More Effectively

Conflict Among Religion is Disturbing People’s Ability to Pray, Book Recommendations How to Pray More Effectively

Conflict and discrepancies over world history and what did and didn’t happen and how religions present these events is causing division and confusion among people of all faiths. Conflict within and among religions hurt people’s ability to pray.  Meaning their faith is often diminished due to conflict.  They dare not speak the questions buried deep within themselves.  With meditation, I like millions of others, begin to understand and felt more at peace regardless of the conflict. This isn’t something you can explain to others, it’s a knowingness that never leaves you.

Each person must discover truth for themselves.  As you grow the truth as you know it begins to evolve with you and your understanding becomes even more elevated.  As the truth for you presents itself your ability to pray effectively increases greatly. Continue below . . . . 

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In all the confusion I gave up on my religion, but I never gave up on prayer.  I held on to prayer for dear life and through the prayer and the meditation, I found my religion. (lol) It’s not like any religion they taught when I was a child, however, this new religion doesn’t have a name and it’s accepting of all faiths and all religions regardless of origin.


I begin to write about prayer and one of the more effective ways to pray.  It’s really simple, and not new.  It’s called praying for others first and then praying for one’s self.  Still, there’s a sequence which makes total sense.  These methods are not new, they’ve been hidden down through the years.  it was my living in Europe for a year and my travels which alerted me to the fact there was more than people were telling me.  Living in Germany for one year among people who never spoke of World War II, yet lived with the shame and the secrets of “why” was the beginning of my journey.


It’s true there’s real conflict among and in religion.  This is because religions have not told the entire truth about their existence and why they teach what they do.  As a result, several religions have set up their belief-system sort of in-between-the-facts and the lies, if you get what I mean.


Below are books recommendations on how to pray.  The most interesting fact is prayer is one of the most popular actions in the world after, food, water, and shelter.  Over 5 billion people on earth subscribe to prayer.  This is the common denominator in all religions and makes prayer the common thread most of the world shares.  Prayer transcends politics, religion, laws, borders and regions.  Prayer is most powerful in the minds of over 80% of the people on earth. Could we all be wrong?.  I’m sure there are many who might think so.


 Book Recommendations

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