How to Cope With Ageing, With or Without Money, Article, Book Recommendations

How to Cope With Ageing, With or Without Money, Article, Book Recommendations

anti-agingIf getting older is a major concern for you, it’s obvious that you will cope with your concerns differently based on your income level.

First let’s start with ageing coping techniques when your disposable income is low.

1.  Coloring your hair at around age 45 would be a good idea.  Dying and coloring the hair before you actually turn grey will help you to keep you younger looking longer which will enhance how you feel.  No one will have the slightest idea when you begin to turn grey.

2.  Of course you may have a few extra pounds, especially if you’ve had children and never really got back down to your original size.  You want to look at a long-term diet planning, meaning look at how you eat, what you eat and where you eat your meals.

3.  You may want to talk to your doctor about ridding your body of waste material in your aging wellcolon from years and years of eating meat and junk food.  Different doctors have different opinions on different techniques.  Be safe and have the conversation with a real doctor for real results   Don’t forget to start a low-count exercise regiment.  Build up over time, but not too much.  Expect to continue your exercise program well into your eighties and nineties.  Keep your legs, firm by walking.  Walk anywhere and everywhere you can.

4.  Become associated with people ten years younger than yourself.  Do what they do, socially and go where they go, sometimes.  Don’t lie about your age, just don’t reveal it. Continue below

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5.  Adjust your wardrobe to make you feel more alive.  If cash flow is a serious issue, check out the second-hand stores that cater to and receive donations from wealthy people.  Don’t make the skirt shorter, just make the split up the side a little higher.

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6.  Opt for the permanent makeup procedure, that’s cheaper than buying expensive makeup  Permanent makeup procedures will help you to look more natural and younger.24/7.

7.  Sew, make or purchase lingerie to wear around the house, no more ugly bathrobes.  It’s important to your confidence level to feel young and vibrant even when you’re alone or at home with your spouse.

8.  Go the dentist regularly, keep your teeth in good shape.

9.  Take liquid vitamins to help slow the aging process.

10. Learn how to apply your makeup, professionally.


Okay, If You’ve Got Money – Here’s What You Do, 

cosmetic-surgery for ageing well

1.  Do all of the above

2.  Have your breast lifted (Cosmetic surgery)

3.  Have your belly fat removed (Cosmetic surgery)  If you want a little more junk in your trunk (rear-end), have the doctor add the fat from your tummy to your butt.  Ask the doctor, he’ll know what you’re talking about.  Continue below …….. But first, see how millions are getting rid of wrinkles right at home.



5.  Hire a color and clothing consultant.  – Employ an entirely new wardrobe consisting of “your colors.”   Be sure to include your hair coloring in this procedure.  Don’t forget the shoes and the handbags.  You should be a living picture every time you step out of your home.  Remember controlled gray hair which is incorporated with the hairstyle encourages a look of sophistication, wisdom, and even wealth in some cases.  A 65-year-old woman with no gray hair,, makes you a woman to doubt.  Wear your age, don’t let your age wear you.


6.  If you need to lose an excessive amount of weight, visit one of the world’s best weight
loss spas.  Stay until you look like you wanna look and feel like you wanna feel.

face lift-anti-aging
7.  If you don’t like your face, or there are too many wrinkles, you know what to do. (Cosmetic surgery)
Aging well doesn’t just happen, you’ve got to plan for it, just like you plan for your retirement.  The sooner you start the better your aging process will be.  Check your diet while you’re still young.  Develop habits while you’re still young that will help you age well.

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