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A Cyber Security Career, How to Get Started, Video, Book Recommendations

cyber-securityIf you’re looking for a career change and want to avoid the layoff category, you may want to look into Cyber Security also known as Internet Security.  With announcements of layoffs from Twitter and Alphabet (Google) workers who believed their jobs to be safe from layoffs are re-thinking their career strategies.

If you’re already in the workforce or just coming out of high school, Cyber Security rings all the bells for being a safe and secure career choice.  Regardless if you want to work for yourself, or in the corporate world or for a government agency, Internet Security is a safe bet, no matter which country you’re from.

Cyber Security in not only important for the protection of online finances and personal security, there’s another major reason internet security is so important. The future of warfare is cyber-terrorism.  With one successful cyber-bomb, an entire country can be brought to its knees.  Destruction of a country’s infrastructure can affect electricity, water, gas, hospitals, police and fire departments.  The entire communications system for a country can go dark (off-line)  Traffic lights would stop working, street lights would not work, security cameras would be useless and it would be only a matter of time before your cell phone stops working. (This is why it’s important to own at least two portable cell phone chargers so that you can stay in contact with your family during an emergency.)

Below are book recommendations for becoming a security IT person.  Certification, not a full college degree on the subject may be possible.  Like most high paying careers, getting experience can be a major task.  perhaps you may want to start out by becoming a “Penetration Tester”  Yes, that’s right.  Get your experience by showing a potential client their security flaws, but only with your client’s permission and knowledge.


Internet Security Career Book Recommendations



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