Decision Making Process

Decision Making Process

decision making processGood decision making is crucial in making our lives better, yet so many of us fail at decision making, over and over.

Why is this?  How can we change this pattern of poor decision making?

I can tell you from previous experience, poor decision making usually comes from not having ALL the information surrounding the decision.  It takes time, to learn about a situation, and most of us are in a hurry.

My father always said, “You test the spirit by the spirit to know if you’re making the right decision.”  Of course, as a child, I didn’t understand his comment.  What I came to realize is, if you set your mind to make one decision, you test the way you feel, how it affects you and how it may affect others involved, you’ll get a better understanding of which decision is best.  After you test the first option, then test your second and third option. For some reason, this formula always works.  It’s usually only a matter of seconds to a moment before you know which decision is best.

Why would this non-scientific formula work?

It works because you’re asking your body, mind, and heart in conjunction to help you make a decision.   If you feel torn or uneasy, you may want to test out another option, learn more about the situation or determine if you’ve lied to yourself concerning certain issues related to your decision.

Decision making is much too important not to have a reliable process to help make important decisions.   Regardless of how intelligent you may be, there are usually factors involved which you may not be aware of. This is where meditation comes in handy.

Go ahead, test the spirit by the spirit.  Your decision-making process will become easier.


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