Did the CIA Leak Their Own Secret Documents?

Did the CIA Leak Their Own Secret Documents?

Another off the wall conspiracy theory . . .  . did the CIA leak its own documents to inform manufacturers and citizens of possible dangers?


It wasn’t until I retired that I was able to actually sit down and write a roller-coaster book series on the CIA and the things I imagined behind the secret walls.

In order to make my book series believable and real, I’ve had to do a lot of research for the past three years.  The research is more fun than writing the books.  (Osei Int’l Book Series Book One is free)

This latest current event has me a little perplexed.


The Wikileaks, CIA leak  ……… well, let’s just say, there’s something not right there.   Here’s a conspiracy theory for you.

The CIA found errors, big errors in the computer programming of the smart TV and some smartphones.  Their job is “information” and both of these devices fit under the category of providing and or exchanging “information.”

Did the CIA look for the weaknesses in these devices, or did the weaknesses reveal themselves when the CIA tested the devices to use within the CIA?  Were the actions to expand the hacking capabilities, which included the British, and given the name Vault 7, involve a “go as far as you can go” attitude?  How far did the CIA have to go to turn the devices into surveillance devices?

Did the CIA allow the WikiLeaks leaks in order to inform corporate America of serious flaws in major electronic devices?  It seems strange that each detail is being revealed which will enable manufacturers to correct the errors.


If this was the case, how could they inform the general public and the manufacturers of such flaws?  Surely the enemy would find the same flaws eventually.

If you needed to get the word out about a problem, but couldn’t disclose the problem yourself because it’s not legal for you to operate on US soil, what would you do?

Right.  You’d call a reputable whistleblower.

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We’ll have to wait and see if my “out to lunch” theory holds water. lol,  There is no doubt the ‘agency of information’ probably used the devices to gather information before allowing the leak.  But the real question is, how did the CIA come about discovering the flaws within the devices?

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