Double Trouble, Bin Laden, Saddam and Hitler All Had Doubles

Double Trouble, Bin Laden, Saddam and Hitler All Had Doubles

Bin Laden

It was rumored for months in 2001 that Bin Laden died of a kidney failure in the mountains of  Afghanistan.  Then the argument came that he had complications with his lungs and this was the reason for his death.  Regardless of what he may have died from, there are serious questions about who the U.S. Seals killed on  The reasonable doubt was published on the Fox News website on December 26, 2001.

Then on May 2, 2011, Bin Laden was killed again by U.S. Special Forces. continue below

The Internet already has millions of pages discussing the fact the U.S. actually killed Bin Laden’s double.

The bottom line is, it may not really matter when Bin Laden’s life ended until you take a look at another situation with similar circumstances, then you begin to see a pattern.

Saddam Hussein

A man the world believed to be Saddam was executed on Saturday, December 30th, 2006.  Again the Special Forces capture the dictator near his hometown of Tikritf.  Again there was a confusion about the true identity of the man who was captured.  The wife of Saddam Hussein told the U.S. the man they arrested was not her husband.  Surely we would expect her to say this in an effort to save her husband’s life, but what if she was telling the truth?

Experts revealed it was difficult to know if a double or the real Saddam was standing before you.  The doubles went through extensive plastic surgery to look like the dictator himself.  Similarities even down to dental work were completed on at least one of Saddam’s doubles.

You can find an intelligent yet easy to read the article on the comparison of the man they captured and hung and the man we knew as Saddam.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to view images which brought about this question.  Be sure to return to this page.  The most interesting double question is yet to come.



Adolf Hitler

Let’s start at the very top of the questionable information concerning Hitler’s death.  The Telegraph Newspaper’s website published this story in September of 2009:  Adolf Hitler suicide story questioned after tests reveal skull is a woman’s   This article more than any brings into question not only the theory of doubles dying for well-known leaders but a pattern, which goes as far back as 1945.

Perhaps the man who arrived in  South America was a double, or perhaps it was Hitler himself.

In order to believe that Hitler died in April of 1945, you would have to believe what the Russians told their leaders, What’s even harder to accept is you would have to believe what the German soldiers told the Russians.  continue below

I personally believe Hitler escaped the bunker.  Even the FBI has a file which questions Hitler’s death.  Having a father who was drafted into WWII, I grew up with war stories and in later years after my father’s death, research seems to help fill the void of losing him.

My books, Osei International Mystery Book Series, I’m told is a page turner. I sincerely hope people were telling the truth.  I rarely reach into thin air and create a fiction novella.  What I almost always do is find interesting facts which are surrounded by conflict and fictionalize the events to change, support or dismiss the theory.

I post a lot of my research on my Facebook Page, that way people who are interested in world history and the details can review my notes, articles, and content from other sources. I even host a yearlong $99 USD Giveaway with free monthly gifts to participants.  You can enter the Giveaway here

One of the most interesting WWII conflicts is and was Operation Paperclip.  This was a secret operation where the United States brought 1600 Nazi scientist and aerospace to the U.S. to work in the space program and other technical programs.

The story of how this happen reads like a best seller fiction, yet it’s recorded history. As an author, I took the situation one step further.  Did the famous aerospace engineers from Germany know or believe Hitler was still alive and if so, did they make contact?  In other words, the fiction book explores the possibilities of betrayal by Nazis?

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In Book V, which isn’t published yet, Osei gets an assignment to investigate connections between closet Nazis and today’s world.  The assignment isn’t far off base because, in Book IV, Osei and Ben investigate an international terrorist group which has raised millions to create a virus to harm some but not others.  Book 1 is always free and can be downloaded and read on any mobile device.

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