Download this Week’s Free “How to Books” Lump Sum Retirement, Financial Success, Tax Free Living

Download this Week’s Free “How to Books” Lump Sum Retirement, Financial Success, Tax Free Living

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What if a retired tax professional shared secrets on how her tax clients got rich?  With their permission of course. Here’s how she helped tax clients create a lump-sum retirement option within 2 to 5 years. Easy, doable, popular among many real estate investors. Tax sequences and Rule 72 discussed along with videos and references for more information. Tips on retiring options for low cost of living retirement destinations, or not. Ways to make your retirement work, even if your monthly income is low. Lump-Sum Retirement options explained. How to take a small lump-sum check and turn it into a much larger retirement account. Learn what baby-boomers are doing from all over the country and how they’re coping with low retirement accounts. Make retirement easier, using a few life tricks


The Age Old Question, How to Become Successful?

While there are no guarantees, there are hard facts which support certain pathways

Read how excessively successful people have used meditation to change their bank accounts and their future. Understand why and how meditation works and how to assign the task of financial success to your meditation


Tax Evasion is Illegal, Tax Avoidance is Legal.

This book explains in detail the most non-talked about tax loopholes in the history of U.S. tax codes. This is the tax code which has allowed American corporations and American citizens to legally avoid billions in taxes over the past decades. Documentation and links to the IRS are provided. For now, this tax loophole is legal and alive. (May 2016) From 60 Minutes to CNN, this tax benefit is talked about but never shared in detail. I might add that there are those who would rather that you not read this book. Take that into consideration when reading the reviews. This book shares how U.S. taxpayers legally link two tax benefits together to generate a tax-free retirement.

Starting with the Earned Income Exclusion and combining the tax laws pertaining to Offshore Corporation(s), you will understand how taxpayers and U.S. Corporations lower and even eliminate taxes with blessings from the IRS.

Many taxpayers believe these methods are dishonest. This may be true, but first, you must understand exactly what they’re doing and how.. Should you decide to implement these tax laws for your personal finances, you will need an experienced tax avoidance attorney.

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