Fiction Book Review, The Third Child, (Terrorist-Modern History)

Fiction Book Review, The Third Child, (Terrorist-Modern History)

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Aadheen is the third child born in a Muslim family.  His birth is supposed to represent peace in the Middle East.  After his father gives his son’s life to the Jihad, the organization requires that Aadheen attend a training camp which is held in Cairo.  The instructions which accompany the request to attend the meeting are alarming and sound more like a terrorist meeting rather than a peaceful meeting.

Aadheen is frightened for his life and the lives of others whom he believes he’ll be asked to kill.  Even though he has always had thoughts of suicide, he very much wants to live.  In an effort to save his life, he notifies the Central Intelligence Agency about the impending training.

Aadheen’s mother who is a college professor, unknowingly to her husband or Aadheen, also contacts the CIA.  The Agency is interested in averting or using Aadheen to learn more about the Jihad.  An operative makes contact with Aadheen just before his departure to Egypt.

The plot includes Aadheen visiting Cairo Egypt during the most recent uprising in the country.  The author’s details draw the reader into the destination and location of Cairo and almost demands that you follow closely in order not to miss any pieces to the mystery or the puzzle.  You truly get a sense of being there and just in case you missed key words which beautifully describes Cairo during this very dangerous time, the author provides images

After Aadheen arrives at the airport in Egypt and there is no one to greet him.  He finally calls home and learns from his mother that a drone has destroyed the training camp.  Aadheen is , relieved and arranges a return flight home, before staying in Cairo for a couple of nights.

This is where things got a little strange, at least for me.  Aadheen meets his uncle at the hotel where he’s staying.  Aadheen father called his brother in Cairo and tells him that his son is abandoned and alone in Cairo.  The uncle rushes to the hotel where Aadheen is staying and escorts Aadheen out of the city because of the riots.  Aadheen ends up in Tel Aviv, Israel, before taking a flight back to the United States.

During his travels between Cairo and Tel Aviv,  his uncle shares important secrets about the secret society he was born into, and why he always has thoughts of suicide.  The uncle helps Aadheen to understand the role he and others like him were born to play in order to bring peace to the Middle East.

The story is believable, and makes you wonder if there are children born whose sole purpose is to bring harm or peace to the world.  Once you read the book, you can become a little frightened by the possibilities and dangers which most people aren’t aware of.

Overall it was a good read. The author provides keen insight into the lives of a Middle Eastern family assimilating into the American way of life and shares with the reader common problems associated with such an endeavor.  In the end mother and son realize that each of them contacted the Agency. The mission then becomes to keep silent about their actions. The Third Child by Sandy Ingram

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