For Authors Promote Your Book

For Authors Promote Your Book

Our Internet Marketing Office for Authors

(Don’t laugh, the rents cheap!)

Our Mission:

We were wrong.  The most successful authors financially are NOT necessarily the ones with the best novel, The most successful authors are the ones with their own loyal mailing list.


Tweeting books is good and we will continue to do so.  The response rate is between % and 2.5%.  However the money is in the list and unless you’ve got a list, your income may be limited and based on the actions of mega giants like Amazon.


Once we reach a certain click-through ratio we will still offer the micro-buzz book campaign to authors for a low fee.  This factor is still in effect.


However to ensure that authors get a “real” opportunity at success, we’ve added a second component to our potential services.


We will set up a Book Giveaway and Market your Giveaway to over 500,000 people.

We will design your Book Giveaway Banner to be displayed on your Giveaway Form and on the Facebook Post to over 800K potential members.

Example of Artwork For One of Our Giveaways: .


We place this banner on 90 FB Public Groups

We pay to List the Giveaway on a Popular Giveaway Site

We pay to Have the Giveaway Sent to Thousands Using eMail

We pay a company to Host the Giveaway  and

We must Pay for the Email Hosting Service in Order to Collect eMail Addresses



Added Option

Additional Task Authors Can Perform:to Enhance Their Book Marketing Efforts

Search engines & Amazon Search Engine Notices the Increased Activity and the increase in backlinks to your book page.

During this time, you’re encouraged to used Fiverr or a similar service to submit an article or excerpts from your book to the top article directories.  Again the backlinks will increase your book’s popularity

You are also encourage to purchase 3 or 4 copies of your own book as gifts and have them mailed to your email address.

BEFORE any of this happens, you’re going to need to have reviews.  Contact us on how you can make this happen, legally and according to Amazon’s TOS.  SandyIngram7 @ aol dot com





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