Free Kindle Days, One for Two, A Short, Dark, Romance

Free Kindle Days, One for Two, A Short, Dark, Romance

From Buckingham Palace to the White House, the guest-house to the out-house, there has been scandal involving the other woman, and the other man (mostly the other woman)  The short story, “One for Two” based on true events reveals the unknown secrets of such a relationship.

We wait each week to view the popular TV series “Scandal” and we clearly see that Millie (the President’s wife) not only knew about her husband’s infidelity, with Olivia Pope, but encouraged the relationship for the good of the team.

The short love story “One for Two” was written and published on the Xica Love Stories web site, long before the popular TV series aired, shares the inside and dark side of arranged infidelity.  Categorized under supernatural and romance the story visits “visits” evil and is for mature adults.

When the story was “free” on the Xica Love Story site, it received over 19,000 hits from the review.  Because the story was popular it was later updated and published in the Kindle Store of Amazon.  You can download the short love story, for free for the next 4 days by clicking here:  One for Two,  A Love Story for Mature Adults If you don’t have a Kindle e-Reader you can download the Amazon APP for free, onto your desktop or laptop and read Kindle books.

Kindle Free Days, August 7, 8, 9, and 10th of 2013. Be sure to sign up to recieve a free gift from the Xica Love Story community each month.  Your information is safe with us.  We don’t share, compromise or abuse our reader database.









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