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Free Kindle Days, Web Site Success & The IRS

If wondering why so many successful web site owners are moving their business and themselves, offshore, this book will explain it in details.  An inside track on how the IRS works and how it can affect your reporting and income, if you’re a web site owner.
Chapter 1. Internet Income (How the IRS Catches Cheaters)
Chapter 2. Accounting Methods (Important)
Chapter 3. Tax Write Offs for Web Site Owners (50 Plus Write Offs)
Chapter 4. Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (Why Many Successful Web Site Owners are Moving Offshore)
Chapter 5. The, One Write Off, Almost ALL Corporate Web Sites Have
Web Site Success if a process, there is NO magic and the bottom line shows that larger, successful corporations usually have one particular tax write for their web properties, which smaller web site owners appear to have missed. This eBook explores those differences and shows the small web site owner how to duplicate Corporate America’s Web Site Success, on a much smaller scale.
This eBook explains exactly which tax write offs the Large Corporations include on their tax return(s) and how web site owners can duplicate these actions to generate web site success, on a much smaller scale, and for considerably, less money.
This eBook includes over 50 top tax write offs for web site owners who work from home. Also included are the tax codes which can help to neutralize the IRS when it comes to owning a web site.
Information on how the IRS will allow you to exclude up to $95,100 of income, alone with details on how a profitable web site owner can lower his/her tax liability, regardless of income, is also included. How the IRS catches tax cheaters is disclosed.
Written by C. Ingrham, RTRP.  You don’t need an e-Reader, you can download the Amazon App, free, and read on your desktop or laptop.  Free Kindle Days:  October 2nd to October 6th, 2013.

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