Free Online Stories

Free Online Stories


Great story for Teens –

Online Short Story, The Dissolution of Formula 3XS21 (A Fictional Mystery)

Three scientists find “the cure” and are suddenly dismissed by the government agency who is funding the research project.  This is when the real cover up begins.



The IC by Sandy Ingram  –

SORRY This story gained in popularity and was published to Amazon. 

Download today.

When “the Agency” wants certain jobs done, they call Independent Contractors, such as Parthenia Jenkins.  Known only as an offshore bank account number, Parthenia Jenkins is a trained killer with a soft-side.  High tech-CEOs are investing in the black-oil market for improved profits.  The Agency wants it stopped.


A short story for Teens:  But Mama, Grandpa Is White by Sandy Ingram

A story about an inter-racial family who ends up fighting over the grandfather’s wealth.  How one family member takes advantage of the torn family members and wins big.



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Grown-Ups, See Below:


Undercover cop falls in love with the king-pen’s girlfriend. When the king-pen dies of a heart attach, there is $5 million left sitting on the coffee table.



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