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Free Online Mini-Story, Flight 991 – The Deadliest and Shortest Story Ever

The flight was from Paris to JFK.  No one on board knew the flight was destined to be taken over by terrorist.  Everything appeared normal until they reached 21 miles off the shores of the United States.  The terrorist made their move.

The passengers realized while waiting to board the plane in Paris, there were questions.

More than a few passengers questioned the identity and origin of several of the passengers, but they said nothing.

An American couple made a joke to each other, about the plane being high-jacked, but neither of them  said nothing to officials.

When the U.S. Military Intelligence realized the plane was scheduled to land in the middle of downtown New York City,  “they” said nothing as they shot the plane down in the waters off the shores of the United States, after no response from the cockpit.

Could this really happen?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Do you want to be the one to find out?

Always be aware of individuals boarding your flight.   

Below are recent current events which support this fictional story:

Unresponsive Plane Escort by US Fighter Jets

A 9/11 Story Involving a Fighter Plot

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