How to Get Over a Breakup or Divorce, Nine Easy Ways

How to Get Over a Breakup or Divorce, Nine Easy Ways


Getting over a break up is never easy, write down your feelings in a daily journal.




  • Start a new project or venture for the sake of fulfillment and increased income.  The best revenge is to do well, do very well. Take a class online.  Learn something new, something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time before now.




Think about the part you played in the breakup – Accept responsibility for your part, regardless of how small.  No one is completely innocent in these types of situations.  The more blame you can accept, the sooner you can get over the breakup and the more confident you’ll feel about relationship’s, in the future.



List five things that need to be done in your apartment or home.  Then do nothing in your spare time, sit around and mope, until you don’t anymore.  If your moping goes past three weeks, reach out for help. If you get up and begin to do one of the things on your list, that’s a good thing.




Don’t call your ex on the spur of the moment.  Breaking off a relationship cold turkey is hard and can be emotionally painful.  No drugs.  Set up a day and time to call your ex just to let them know you’re okay or to make sure they’re okay.  Make the call at the specific date and time that you planned. If you’re too angry or hurt to make the call, then don’t.


Nightclubbing with friends might be a good idea, depending on your reason for going.  If you’re looking for a one-night-stand, don’t.  Taking a short cut to rid yourself of emotional pain will catch up with you later and not in a good way.




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When you feel better, travel.  Take a three-day or a week-long getaway, just you and your favorite book.  Eat at nice restaurants and read your mobile device while having dinner.  Never mind what others think.  Note:  A cruise is a great opportunity after a breakup.  Sure there’s lots of romance on a cruise, but there’s also adventure, tranquility, a chance to renew your yourself and your mind, plus you don’t have to deal with the normal stress associated with travel.  You only have to remember what time the ship leaves.

9.  Occupy your mind; READ

Book Recommendations for How to Get Over a Breakup







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