Go Pass the BS to See What’s Really Happening in the World

Go Pass the BS to See What’s Really Happening in the World

Today’s headlines on CNN.com, MSN, and AOL all deal with the firing of Matt Lauer for sexual harassment. However, to fully understand what’s happening in the world today, you must look beyond the BS and see what’s what “REALLY” going on.

I retired to a small seaside fishing village outside of Puerto Vallarta, México. The people here are calm, easy going and friendly to tourist, expats and each other. Recently the cab drivers were upset over the Uber connection in the Puerto Vallarta area.

There were reports of physical interactions between Uber drivers and local cab drivers.

Don’t get me wrong; sexual harassment is a big deal. (I’m a girl) When I see on the front page of CNN.com that Dubai is testing Drone taxis, I wonder what the calm, even-tempered cab drivers around the world are going to do about this new displacement opportunity for some and a down-right threat to others.

The public may wonder when did this information first become known. Why didn’t you tell me?  Of course America and parts of Europe could be the last to implement such a travel adventure due to safety concerns.

The travel industry could be changed forever by this information, and most people were too busy reading about Matt Lauer’s indiscretions while scientist quietly told the world Greenland’s melting glaciers might someday flood their city. Even more importantly, if you’d scrolled down the page further, you would’ve found series displacement plans in the making for exchanging land-based taxi cabs for flying taxi cabs. Drone Taxis could be a mind-blowing change for the travel industry.

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