Happy Retirement? Stop Taking Calls from the Graveyard

Happy Retirement? Stop Taking Calls from the Graveyard

For many, retirement is a sad time, but it doesn’t have to be sad, in fact, it’s a time to rejoice, renew and start over again. Continue below

Few people escape the sadness that accompanies retirement.  Retirement is usually a dramatic change in one’s life.  Friends start dying off and before you know it, attending funerals is the highlight of your social life.

With each funeral, a small part of you goes to the graveyard with the dearly departed. Your wonderful memories of the deceased, the good or bad times you had together are like a calling card to join them.

Don’t do it, stop making funerals your major outing. Wake up, lose a little weight, get a hobby, dye your hair, buy new clothes, read a book, travel, move to Mexico. Okay, you may not want to move to Mexico, but thousands of baby-boomers have, including myself. Not all retirees relocate to Florida or Arizona.

It’s not necessary to go to extremes to make your retirement a happy time in your life. Reinvent yourself. Travel more, even if it’s only a day trip to the next town on the Greyhound bus.

Expand your horizons, learn new things, meet new people. Okay, so you don’t really like people. Understandable. As you get older you see through humans and the BS, you lose interest in people.

However, if you don’t expand your mind, you’ll grow old faster. Reading and travel are two activities you can do without involving other people. Funny thing about travel, you begin to meet new people who are “real” and honest, your faith in the human race begins to heal.

I retired south of the border. Anytime I get lonely for the United States I just go into town. There are so many Americans, I immediately remember why I left the US for a small fishing village overlooking the sea.

Yes, the expats here travel back to the states often. In fact, many expats come for 5 months out of the year and head back to the states when the snow has melted. They’ve been doing this for years. Then there are those of us, who stay in Mexico year-round.  Depending on our vias status we may need to leave Mexico every six months and return.

We travel back to the states but not for long periods of time. Our new home is in Mexico and when we’re gone from Mexico for a long time, we miss the warm weather, the breathtaking sunsets, the tequila, and the warm nights on the town.

Remember retirement is like graduating from high school. You’ve got your whole second half of your life to start over. Except, this time, you have experience, wisdom, and sense of what you really want to do with your life.

Retirees in Mexico have an abundance of options to fulfill our lives.  The church is by the sea, the bar is on main street.  Sunday gatherings in the main square in town each week, beautiful sunsets over the sea 365 days a year. Oh yea, there is the Starbucks in the square, spas, luxury shopping malls, theaters, nightlife, casinos, yoga classes, art classes and of course top of the line restaurant choices.

Day trips or acting like a tourist is always fun and rarely gets old. Watching the cruise ships come into port is one of my favorite things to do.  The weekly newspaper provides a schedule, so we know when a ship is coming and departing.

The tourist on the cruise ships represent a million plus US dollars for the economy each time it arrives, so I’m not the only one watching the ships come in.

Regardless if you want to remain in the U.S. or Canada during your retirement, know that keeping your mind active, reducing your intake of red meat and staying positive will help you increase your lifespan.

This article was written by Sandy Ingram the author of the Osie International Book Series.  Ingram retired to a small fishing village 7 miles outside of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to live well on less and to pursue her goals of writing fiction. The Book I of the CIA’s Cyber-Terrorism thriller is free.

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